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Cuca Bali

We are open and ready to spoil you not only with an exceptional dining experience but also with a COVID safe environment where every detail has been carefully thought of. For your peace of mind, this is Cuca’s responsible protocol:

  • We monitor the temperature of all guests, team members and suppliers prior to entering our restaurant and we only allow access when wearing a mask.
  • Customers are protected with ample physical distance between each other: they can choose between open air dining or curtain separated indoor tables.
  • Hand sanitizers and bacterial soaps are readily available throughout the restaurant.
  • No items in the restaurant are shared between customers without previously being thoroughly disinfected.
  • We clean, sanitize and label accordingly all spaces used by guests.
  • We disinfect thoroughly and constantly all customer contact points.
  • Our entire team has been fully vaccinated.
  • Our entire team washes and sanitizes their hands thoroughly and frequently before serving every single customer.
  • Our team wears only freshly cleaned and hygienic uniforms.
  • Our team is well trained on understanding COVID risks, symptoms and safety protocols.
  • Our team and suppliers are meticulously trained on the strictest hygiene measures, wearing masks and respecting physical distancing at all times.
  • All deliveries are sanitized before entering our premises.