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Cuca Hot Sauce

Cuca Hot Sauce

Arguably, there is one ingredient that separates the flavours of South East Asia from those of the western world: chili. Being located in tropical Bali and well known for our passion of local produce, chili is indeed very close to our hearts, and to our kitchen! The challenge of working with chili is getting the spice level just right, and an even bigger challenge is doing so when every person has a preference. Some like it hot, some cripple under the heat… Still, we in Cuca felt that something had to be done to satisfy the many spice enthusiasts that come our way, so with that mission in mind and after many months of failure, pain, disaster and uncertainty, we finally have the solution!

Meet Cuca’s latest and most delicious adventure: Cuca Hot Sauce. Handcrafted in small batches, our hot sauce combines a masterful blend of fresh home-grown chilies and spices that we slowly ferment for weeks, just like in the good old days. We then blend it smooth and charcoal-smoke it to infuse it with a mouth-watering BBQ perfume. The result is a bold, flavourful and opinionated original recipe not for the weak.

So, for those that like it hot…as of today, we are ready!

Cuca Hot Sauce pairs well with just about everything, add depth during cooking or splash a little, or a lot, on your favorite dishes. IDR 95,000/bottle.

WhatsApp orders: +6281236870486.

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