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Help us help!

The icon for the cooperation between Cuca, Bali Wise and Role Foundation

This year in Cuca, Christmas will not only be about feasting, celebrating and spending time with loved ones in beautiful Bali. We want to make these 12 days, in the true spirit of Christmas, about giving, helping and caring, so we have handpicked 2 non-profit programs that are doing exactly that to combat some of the biggest challenges our community faces. How exactly? – you might ask. By donating 10% of our sales from Cuca’s best-selling signature Chef Tasting Menus!

From 21 to 26 December, profits will go to the “Bali Wise” program, a project aiming at empowering marginalized women through skill-based education. It has been Cuca’s philosophy from day one to train from zero young underprivileged Indonesians to become competent, qualified and self-confident hospitality professionals. Therefore, this program is definitely something that hits close to home.

From December 27 to January 1, earnings will be given to the “Zero Waste to Oceans” program, which is stopping land-based waste from getting into our oceans by teaching Bali’s youth green practices to create a sustainable environment. In Cuca, we educate our team in how crucial is to reduce, reuse and recycle and as a company strive to become zero waste, but since time is ticking, extending our efforts beyond our boundaries must be a top priority.

For all this we chose ROLE, a non-governmental organization based in Bali, as encouraging and supporting their values and determination to make a difference is one of the best things we could all do this Christmas, don’t you think?

We all, residents and tourists alike, owe a lot to Bali, this paradise island that keeps on giving, so gather your loved ones, come to Cuca and help us help to create a better future and a happier, tastier today!

2 Replies to “Help us help!”

    Dear team,
    We had to honour to dine yesterday evening in your restaurant. It was not a dinner, it was the best experience ever. The way we were welcomed, the food, the service, the atmosphere, the way the team works together makes it something special, something unique. When the chef told us that 10% of the revenue of the tasting menu will go to 2 charities, I knew: this is really another league. But it is more than the charities, it is included in everything you do and how you act, with respect to people and the planet. If more restaurants would work and act in the same way, the world would become a bit more beautiful. Team, thank you so much for this unforgettable evening. You made our holiday special and we will come back. Specially to have another great evening with you, to enjoy the sense of happiness in your restaurant once more… Thank you so much!!

      Dear Mariet,

      you make us so happy!!! Bali this year has been a bit slow in terms of business but we decided that there was not excuse to give back to this island we call home and are really happy guests like you appreciate our effort and help us help. Thank you.

      And yes, we pour our soul and heart in every single detail in Cuca and althouth it is not always easy, you all, our beloved customers, make it totally worthy. It is an authentic pleasure and honor to make you happy and we will be here giving 100% again next time you come.

      Big hugs from Team Cuca and Merry Christmas!

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