Our picks: Bali

Personally meeting hundreds of customers every week, all of them in search of the tastiest food from around the world, over the years we have shared countless times our favorite restaurants from every city we know.

The truth is people seem to trust chefs’ picks when choosing food and since everyone asks our humble opinion, we have decided to start a proper Our Picks section where we give you our recommendations on where and what to eat.  But just because we may help you find a new favorite please don’t forget about your first love, Cuca!

The Bali food scene has changed a lot over the last 10 years with numerous great restaurants popping up using the bounty of amazing local produce. As crazy as it sounds, delicious traditional Balinese food is still very difficult to find in Bali. So, with that said, these are Cuca’s picks for the Island.


Karya Rebo
This place serves the best version of Bali’s iconic dish of fire roasted suckling pig. Extremely busy with a long wait times and hot sticky environment it may seem like more frustration than sustenance but it is absolutely delicious and a must try in Bali.
Price: *
What to order: Suckling pig (babi guling)

This place has the best sunset lounge! Great deals on cocktails between their 5-7pm Happy Hour. Drinks are masterfully crafted, designed by international bartenders and ingredients are premium. It all sit’s Oceanside at the Four Seasons Hotel.
Price: *****
What to order: Cocktails.

Lia Cafe
This place serves Jimbaran’s best seafood BBQ period. Sitting with your feet in the sand and chomping on fire grilled fresh seafood right on the beach…need we say more?
Price: ***
What to order: 2 large prawns per person, a fresh red snapper and fried squid.

Nusa Dua

Bumbu Bali
This place is Cuca’s favorite on the island for delicious authentic Balinese food in a classic tranquil setting. Great value, hearty, super tasty well executed food.
Price: ***
What to order: Sate Lilit.


This place serves clever and very tasty Indonesian fusion cooking. This is their sister restaurant to Merah Putih and is much smaller but more intimate. Say hello to chef Kieran and tell him Cuca sent you.
Price: ***
What to order: try some small plates like Opor Bebek.

Wacko Burger
This place serves perfect flame grilled burgers. Combinations range from the classics to the creative. It may seem crazy that we recommend a burger place while in Bali but it is a great burger and makes for a proper lunch.
Price: **
What to order:  Add fried chili to any burger for a wicked unexpected spicy crunch.

This place serves great classic Indonesian fare. Very tasty and well presented. The restaurant is a beautiful romantic venue in the heart of busy Seminyak. Best for dinner.
Price: ****
What to order: Keep an eye open for the daily specials, they sell out fast.


Siboghana Waroeng
Traditional Balinese house with simple home-style cooking spanning back 3 generations. A memorable experience of daily Balinese life and the way food and family’s eat and live.
Price: **
What to order: Nasi campur.

Pulau Kelapa
This place serves great classic Indonesian food. Everything is made fresh to order and is super authentic and cheap. The venue is a hundred-year-old traditional Javanese house that in the evening feels like you have stepped back in time.
Price: **
What to order: Beef ribs.

Sari Organik
Bali’s original organic café. Food comes straight from their garden and the 20-minutes walk through organic rice fields until reaching the open air bamboo hut is magic. 
Price: *
What to order: Try the unusual healthy drinks.

Room 4 Dessert
Appearing on Netflix Chef Table series, the rock star Chef Will Goldfarb blows people away with very clever ultra-unique desserts in his dessert only restaurant. The venue is a shabby tin very understated building with a bustling sweet crowd. Say hello to Will and tell him Cuca sent you.
Price: ****
What to order: Dessert tasting menu.